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Creating an inspection report with Inventory Egg
A step-by-step guide

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See our YouTube Video on starting an Inventory Report

Intro Video: Creating an Inventory Report

Note: Tap the Help icon (on most pages in the App) to show the Help Guide.

Screenshot, App Help Icon

From the App HomePage, choose 'Add/New' and choose the kind of report needed:

  • Inventory
  • Inventory/Check In
  • Check In
  • Midterm/Interim
  • Check Out
Inventory Egg App: Home Page Screenshot
Right Arrow
Inventory Egg App: Choose New Report Type Screenshot
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Inventory Egg App: Add Report Page Screenshot
Property Details

There are a few options for populating property details

  • Enter property details manually
    • Type/dictate core property details
    • Choose property type (House, bungalow etc)
    • There's the option to Add Default Rooms (according to the property type)
    • There's also the option to Add Default Items (according to the room type)
    • Alternatively, rooms or items can be added manually
    • Set the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and tenants
  • Base the report on a previous Inventory
  • See our blog article 'Basics of the Property Reporting Cycle' for information on creating new reports and the flow of property reporting

    • Choose 'Property Lookup'
    • Start typing the property address or choose from the dropdown list of properties
    • Any previous reports for the property show in a list. Choose one to base your new report on
  • Lookup property details from a previous report
    • If no previous reports exist for the property, use core property details with the button 'Use Property Info'

Set the 'Appointment Date'. Note: appointment date indicates the scheduled inspection date. However, once the report is started the actual 'Report Date' is automatically set and will show on the final PDF export.

Start the report

Once the report is setup and saved, tap 'Start Report'.

'Report Date' is set automatically, at this point.

Complete the various sections, where required
  • See the relevant tutorial videos below, for more info on starting & populating various sections of the report
  • Signing the Report on Completion (Tenancy section)

    Once the report is complete, both Clerk & Tenants should sign the Report. After signing by any or all parties, the report is no longer editable.

    Manage tenants and signing within the 'Tenancy' section, found under the Menu (top-right).

    Screenshot, dropdown menu, Tenancy section

    Named tenants can be added individually.

    Screenshot, List of Tenants and Clerk. Add & Edit Tenants

    Each tenant should read and sign the Declaration. The mandatory sections will need to be acknowledged (ticked) the tenant(s), before signing.

    Screenshot, property report mandatory declarations

    Each tenant should sign. Once any party has signed the report, it is locked and the report is no longer editable.

    Screenshot, signing the property report

    Adding Unnamed Tenants

    If any tenant names aren't known, the total number of tenants (including named ones) should be set on the 'Property Info' page, which will provide empty fields for any unnamed tenants for signing later, on a printed version of the report.

    To set the number of tenants, tap the 'Property Info' button.

    Screenshot, open Property Info page

    Set the Total Number of Tenants with +/-. The PDF export will show empty fields for unnamed Tenants.

    Screenshot, set Total Tenant Number to cater for unnamed Tenants

    However, it is strongly recommended, where possible, for tenants to sign within the app, since a record of the signatures will be maintained within the report, not just on a printed version.

    Backup / Submit the report

    From the main page of the report, click 'Manage Report'

    From there, you can

    • Backup Report
      • Copies the report to the server, including any photos
      • A report can be backed up, whether or not it has been signed by Tenant(s) or Inspector/Clerk.
    • Submit Report
      • Copies the report to the server, including any images
      • Sets the report as Submitted/Complete, on the server
      • Provides the option to delete the report from the device/mobile

    Now browse your properties and reports on the server, export to PDF etc

    View a sample Inventory Report

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    Check Out Reports

    See the Check Out Report support page

    See our blog article 'Creating a property Check Out report (with Inventory Egg)' for info on creating Check Out reports