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Compiling a Check Out Report with Inventory Egg

For the basics of creating a Property Report with Inventory Egg, see the Inventory Report support page!

There's also more info on our blog of the principles of Creating Check Out inspection reports

For more details of producing a Check Out report, read on here...

Note: In Inventory Egg, Midterm/Interim Property Reports are structured in a similar way to Check Out Reports so most of the info on this page refers equally to Midterm/Interim Reports

Starting a Check Out Report from an existing Inventory

From the App HomePage, choose 'Add/New' and choose 'Check Out' as the report-type.

Once on the 'Add Check Out' page, use the Property/Report Lookup function:

Screenshot, Start Check Out Report

Start typing the property address, then tap on the current property from the dropdown.

The list of any historical reports for the property then appears. Tap on the latest Inventory Report:

Screenshot, Lookup Property (Inventory) Report

The address field should then be automatically populated:

Screenshot, Lookup Property Address

'Save' the Check Out Report. Information and photos from the original Inventory are downloaded into the new Check Out report and available for reference within the Check Out.

Tap on the new Check Out report in the Reports-List to open it. Then tap 'Start Report', when you are ready to begin completing the report.

Screenshot, Property and Inventory Reports List

Check Out report fields

Once in the Report, within various sections of the report (e.g. Rooms/Items, Health/Safety, Services/Utilities etc) you should see information and photos from the original Inventory Report as well as some new fields related to the Check Out.

The Information from the Original Inventory Report is available for reference and comparison, in order to identify any changes in the current state of the property

In the Check Out, there are 2 ways of logging information related to the Check Out

1) Check-Out fields.

Check Out fields are displayed with Yellow background & an Orange border.

Check Out fields are a way of providing updates to corresponding the Inventory information.

For examples, meter readings. Meter Reading from the Inventory, with new Check Out Meter Reading field below.

Screenshot, Check Out report Electric Meter Readings

Subsections within the Schedule of Condition section have a Check Out dropdown menu and Check Out notes field. Use the Check Out fields to log updates.

Screenshot Check Out report Schedule of Condition

The Room Overview section is another area with Check Out fields.

Screenshot, Check Out report, Room Overview

Check Out fields are available in many sections of the report including Keys, Services and Utilities, Health/Safety, Room Overview etc

2) Flags

Flags can be added to bring attention to any significant issues identified during the Check Out.

Flags appear on the PDF export as distinct, numbered entries, providing easy visibility of Issues and Problems.

For example, where an item of furniture has been damaged, a Flag can be added within the section for the item.

Click 'Add Flag' to start adding a flag:

Screenshot, Check Out Item Flag button

Then set the Flag-Type and Responsibility to the relevant settings.

Screenshot, Item Flag Fields, Issue Type and Responsibility

Then 'Save' the Flag. Once saved, a Text-Notes field and Photo-Bar appear, where you provide information and take photos.

Where a section has flags added, the 'View Flags' button becomes available, showing all flags in that section.

Screenshot, View Check Out Flags button

Tapping 'View Flags' shows all flags for that section.

SCreenshot, View Check Out Flags screen

Alternatively, tap the 'Browse Flags' entry under the Dropdown Menu to see a list of All Flags for the report.

Screenshot, Check Out Report Flags menu

Viewing all flags for the Check Out report.

Screenshot, Check Out view all report Flags

Work through all sections in the Check Out report, filling out Check Out fields where relevant, logging Flags where significant issues have been identified.

Backup the Report:

Backup the report to ensure that no information is lost, tapping the 'Manage' button to access to backup page. The report can be backed-up at any time before completion. It's recommended to backup reports over Wifi, particularly with large reports incorporating many Photos.

Screenshot, manage (backup) Check Out property report

Screenshot, backup/submit Check Out report

Finalising the Check Out report

Once the Check Out report is complete, it should be Signed by Tenant(s) and the Inspector/Clerk. More info on signing.

After signing, Submit the Report to the server. Note: it is possible to backup/submit a report without signing so that a printed version can be signed later. However, it's recommended to sign within the app, where possible, so that a record of signing is maintained within the online report.

Once backed-up/submitted, report details can be seen on the website dashboard and the report can be exported as a PDF.

See our blog article 'Creating a property Check Out report (with Inventory Egg)' for info on creating Check Out reports